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Compatriots and friends of SCV Camp 1914,

Lots to cover below and likely plenty more I'm leaving out, this likely will not be my last missive before our next meeting later this month.

First, if you are a prospective member and would like to join Camp 1914, please bring your application with you to our February meeting and we'll get it processed. We've had a lot of new interest in our Camp for which we are very grateful. Likewise, if you are transferring into Camp 1914 from another city or state and have not already done a transfer, please bring this or see me for a form.

I have finished putting together our guest speaker schedule through June of this year, so without further ado, here it is. All meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at Big Daddy's Bar and Grill until further notice (we'd have to outgrow the room as I have no other complaints about the excellent venue).

Next meeting - February 27th 6-9PM: Guest Speaker: AU History Professor Hubert van Tuyll on WW2 veterans from the CSRA, program is called "Then and Now" and is centered around his book "In Their Own Words". Professor van Tuyll has also written on Economics and Military History so will tie in many themes to the War Between the States. Thanks to Alan Anderson for getting the Professor for us this month.

March 27th, 6-9PM: Your Humble and Obedient Servant will be the presenter - this meeting will be something of a workshop on genealogy relating to our veteran ancestors and others who lived during the War Between the States. Some of you know who your ancestors were but don't have much more information than that, while others may have been stymied by hitting a "brick wall" when the information got more difficult to come by. Bring along anything you'd like to share about your ancestor plus any others you'd like to research and we'll talk about helpful ways to grow your abilities.

April 24th, 6-9PM: Vietnam War veteran and prior Augusta Mayor Bob Young will present his most recent book "The Hand of the Wicked" concerning the murder of a freed slave in Raytown (Taliaferro County) during the uneasy peace and Union occupation of Georgia after the War. Bob will have books available or will sign yours if you've already bought one. Bob is an engaging presenter and this is a great opportunity to hear him.

May 22nd, 6-9PM: Thomson Museum director, author and compatriot Lewis Smith will present his recent book on Georgia Rail Road Chief Engineer J. Edgar Thomson and the impact of the 'Union Road' on the forthcoming War Between the States. I just heard Lewis give a similar presentation to the Taliaferro County Historical Society and he is a wealth of information. The 'Rail Road' as it was originally called was cutting edge in its day at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution and the War Between the States was truly the first war fought at the dawn of heavy industry. Compatriot Smith will have books available to sign following the meeting.

June 26th, 6-9PM: Commander John C. Hall of Camp 104 in Dublin, GA on his most recent book "Above the High Water Mark" - lots of information on Commander Hall, his book and his research here:
Commander Hall is a very engaging fellow and a great author on the subject of his ancestor Capt S.A. Corker. He will have books available to sign following the meeting.


E. Porter Alexander #158 camp meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, February 8th, at Sconyers BBQ.
Compatriot Reverend John Sweat will give us a talk on the Christian walk and faith of General Stonewall  Jackson. I will be unable to attend as I have a benefit auction that evening and would appreciate it if one of you would attend so that we are always represented at our neighboring camp.

Sgt. Berry Benson Memorial celebration is this Sunday, February 11th 3:00 PM at Sunset View Memorial Cemetery in North Augusta put on by the Benson Camp and our honor guard.

The Battle of Aiken Commemoration is February 23, 24, and 25 
February 23 is "school day" and starts at 11:00 AM
The battle will be February 24 and 25 over the weekend.


Lt. Cmdr Miller determined that the Grovetown Cemetery does belong to Grove First Baptist Church across the street, evidently the church is in transition and likely unable to foot any bills for its upkeep. We need to come up with a plan for its maintenance inasmuch as we are able to give.

That's all for now.

- Chip

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