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Camp 1914

Mechanized Cavalry

About Camp 1914 Mechanized Cavalry

This organization consists of members in good standing with the Sons of Confederate Veterans who enjoy the freedom of the road on the back of their "Iron Horse".


Any SCV member is eligible to join, from the hard-core Harley riders to the Gold Wing Cruisers and everything in between. Even those who do not currently ride may join as dismounted Cavalry. All it takes is your interest. Help us protect our Confederate Heritage

SCV Camp 1914 Mechanized Cavalry riding to Stone Mountain for Confederate Veterans event.

This is a Representation of our Cavalry Insignia. Display and wear it with Pride. This Insignia is referred to as our "Stainless Banner". It is to be respected and worn proudly. No member should ever do anything to disrespect or defame the Stainless Banner. Such Actions are unbecoming and can result in expulsion from the Mechanized Cavalry and the SCV.

SCV Mechanized Cavalry Units at Stone Mountain.

Camp 1914 members Teddy and Jeff Forbes being patched in Crawfordville, Georgia, home of Vice President of the Confederacy Alexander Stephens.

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